After you have successfully produced an app demo video, you have a couple of steps to take prior to launching them on video sharing websites and on the landing page of your website. There are many types of video formats available today and you cannot possibly have your app demo video in only one format. Different purposes, various scenarios and settings demand different video formats. As a video production company, we offer you every types of video formats that your app demo video needs require.


There are two types of resolutions that are widely used today – low resolution and high definition. Popular acceptance and preference for high definition videos may lead you to believe that low resolution app demo video would be less effective but that is not the reality.

High definition videos work great when you are at a presentation, on stage speaking to an audience or when you have a large screen to project your app demo video. Such settings would be the ideal place for your app demo video. If you are indulging in DVDs, CD circulation or a launch of your app demo video in outdoor media or mainstream television, then again the high definition format would be perfect for you. However, the same wouldn’t be as effective when we look at mobile devices and video sharing platforms.

YouTube, for instance, would require a low resolution format of your app demo video. It is not that YouTube and other such websites do not support high definition format but when people are on the move, check your app demo video on mobile internet or on your website, it is better when it is in low resolution. This will lead to quicker buffering which is always desirable on slow internet connections or small mobile devices.

File Formats

There are many file formats that you can choose from for your app demo video with us. While an MP4 may be ideal for YouTube or other video sites, an FLV or others may be ideal for the landing page on your website.

Aspect Ratios

The two standard aspect ratios are 16:9 and 4:3. A website like YouTube or Daily Motion may be ideal for 16:9 aspect ratio but your website may do better with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

We offer you all possible video formats that you would need to have a perfect launch of your app demo video.