Discovery is the most critical phase of the project.  It’s here where the client’s vision and our vision come together as one.  We start by providing the client a questionnaire to complete, allowing us to get a strong feel for the client’s requirements and vision.  Next, we install and review the app to get a thorough understanding of it’s features and benefits.  Finally, we prepare a creative brief that summarizes the requirements, goals, and vision for the video.

Based upon the creative brief, we determine the best script writer for the job.  Some videos call for a bit of humor, some for straight-up corporate-speak, and others employ the use of a fictional character.  Whichever direction the video calls for, we have a script writer up to the task.

Once we receive client approval on the script, we begin auditioning voice-over artists.  With the creative brief in mind, we select a small handful of voice-overs that we feel best represent the style of video to be created.  We then present the finalists to the client seeking feedback on selecting the voice-over to be used for the project.  Once selected, we then send out the full script for recording.

This is where we select the visual media assets that we plan to use in the video.  Many files, like the app icon or corporate logo will come from the client.  Others can be created or licensed by our team.  We then record clips of the app in action to embed in the video.  Having all these assets, we are now able to create a storyboard document that shows where in the script each of these elements will enter into the video.  For 2D animation style videos, we may also include graphical storyboards to show our vision for illustrations to be used.

At this point, we turn over everything to the animation and editing team.  They go to work creating the video based upon the storyboard document we previously created.  The video they produce will include the voice-over track, but no background music or sound effects.  We want to get client approval on the video itself before we incorporate these elements.

Once the underlying video is approved, we pass the source file over to our Sound Design Team.  The first thing they do is select  2-3 background music tracks that they feel fit the theme of the video.  We present these options to the client to determine which they like best.  Next, the Sound Designer edits the music file to incorporate an appropriate ending, and makes edits to score the track to the video visuals.  He then determines and provides any necessary sound effects for the video, although we try to keep these to a minimum.  Nothing ruins a video like excessive sound effects.  Finally, the voice-over, background music and sound effects are all mixed into a single audio file to be embedded in the video.

At this point, the video is complete.  Because the client has had the opportunity to request changes throughout the process, it’s rare that anything needs to be changed at this stage.  We then determine the file types the client will need us to export, depending upon where they plan to host the video.  With the delivery of the video files complete, our last task is to archive the source files for the video.  This is important if you ever need us to make a change to the video due to an app version change that effects the visuals of the original video.

So that is how an app demo video is born at App Video Guy.  The process takes 21 days to complete, but some videos we are able to deliver in less time.

Give us a call or request a phone meeting to discuss your project today!

How long will it take to get my app video created?

We typically deliver all projects within 21 days. If we have a large queue of clients, we will let you know right away what to expect.

My company has many app in development. Can we get a discount for multiple video projects?

Yes, if you’re willing to commit to a certain number of projects. Contact us and we will discuss the details.

My app uses location services. Can you create a video that simulates the use of location services?

Likely, yes. In most cases this should be pretty easy to accommodate. Contact us to discuss the details.

Can you simulate accelerometer and haptic feedback in your video?

More than likely, yes. Check out some of our sample videos on the Portfolio page that include these iOS features.

Can you create a video for my Android app?

Although we specialize in Apple’s iOS and OS-X platforms, we have begun to get our feet wet with Android apps.  Contact us to discuss before booking our service.

Can you create a video for my Mac desktop app?

Yes, no problem on that one!

Will you provide a video suitable for mobile viewing?

Yes, I’ll provide you with an mp4 file. You can add it to your website, YouTube, Vimeo…wherever you like. It will be viewable on mobile devices, as well as the desktop.

Can you create videos in languages other than English?

Yes, we can handle video production in most any language. Please allow an additional 2-3 business days on turn-around to account for translations.

Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, we provide full refund details on our Refund Policy page.