So, you are thinking about hosting an app demo video but you are not really sure how to go about doing that?  This can be complicated if you have never done this before.  But, you will see that there are numerous sites that you can use to do this.  Many of them will be very effective for you and help you promote your video.

One of the first things that you can look at in relation to hosting will be YouTube.  What are some of the benefits of this site?  It is possible to get your video out on the internet quickly.  You will also be able to tie this into any WordPress account that you might have.  Keep in mind though that it can be difficult to get a video to go viral if you do not use YouTube.

Another option that you have would be to use Vimeo Pro.  You should know that even though you can post a video on Vimeo for free, you will not be able to use the Pro features unless you pay for it.  This can be seen as a negative if you do not want to spend any money, but Vimeo Pro is money well spent.  One of the best services available in my opinion.

Third, consider Amazon S3.  It is very affordable and it is very easy to use.  Many people will use this service if they have more than one video to post because hosting on here is fast, effective and cheap.  An app demo video would have relatively fast loading speeds with this option.  Users have stated that they have more control over their videos when they use this service, but it does require a bit more technical know-how to navigate.

In the end it is very important to remember that if you want your app demo video to be a success, you must make sure that it is all over the internet.  You have to work very hard to get it out there in the most cost effective way possible and you want it to load fast.  Therefore, you should consider checking out the above options to help you.  You are sure to find something that can help you get started.