App demo videos are now among the most effective promotional tools available for new mobile apps.  What better way is there of getting your app out there and generating buzz?  By preparing an app demo video, you can easily get people interested in your app’s benefits.  When prospects see the app in action, they are more inclined to buy or download it on the spot.

App demo videos have to be informative, and cannot lack user benefits in any way, or you will lose your potential customers.  However, being informative and providing persuasive benefits will take time in an app demo video. But if you make the app demo video too long, the viewers may get bored.  So, how do you pitch your app in an effective way that is going to catch the attention of viewers and convince them it is something they need, without going overboard on time?

The ideal length of an app demo video is 90 seconds.  With some apps, the job can be done in 60 seconds.  More feature-rich apps might require up to 2 minutes in length.  Anything beyond that, and you significantly risk losing the attention of your viewer.  In my opinion, the only time you should ever go beyond 2 minutes in length is if you want a tutorial style video, as opposed to a promotional style video.

You have to remember, your app is probably not unique and most likely, there are other developers out there trying to sell nearly the same thing you are.  Whatever sets your app apart needs to be emphasized quickly and efficiently to help the consumer make the decision that your app is the one for them.  Your app demo video is your best shot at wining them over, so don’t blow your opportunity once you have them clicking the Play button.

Remember, you can either retain or lose viewers depending on the length your app demo video.  Take the time to make a quality app demo video that many will view through to the end, and your downloads will soar!